Where to Bet on UFC

Wagering on UFC events is quickly becoming one of the most popular forms of sports betting action. But unlike with most sports, betting on UFC involves a lot more shopping around. Odds on mainstream sports will sometimes vary a bit between books, but odds on UFC fights can be, and often are, very different. So shopping around for the best price is UFC Betting 101.

In order to shop for the best price on a UFC fight you’ll need to join numerous sportsbooks. These are the best and most trusted ones out there for UFC action:

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Bovada Sportsbook

The leading book for UFC action for a couple of reasons. First, they offer the most prop action, and sometimes are the only sportsbook offering props at all. The other reason is that they usually offer bigger payouts on underdogs.

So when you think that the hype on a fight is wrong and like the upset bet, Bovada is usually the place to go.

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A new sportsbook bringing a new and exciting flair to MMA fans seeking the best MMA betting lines. Sample a 50% signup bonus, free Monday Night $10 bets for football fans and special offers around huge UFC cards. Check out TopBet.com, rated highly at online sportsbook review site TopSportsbooks.com.

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Sport Bet

When you are looking for the best betting value on MMA favorites and you are looking for the earliest and best variety of UFC props (will the fight end in a submission, over-under of rounds, etc), the best betting site by far is Sportbet.eu