How to Bet on UFC

Good sports bettors are always looking for an edge, and some of the best wagering opportunities can be found betting on UFC events. The number of sportsbooks that offer UFC lines and props are growing all the time, but handicapping these fights is still relatively new, which usually equates to some great betting deals.

Unlike betting on most sports, UFC bets do not use a pointspread system. Instead the action comes in the form of a moneyline. One fighter will be the favorite and the other an underdog, and bookmakers will adjust the odds based on how much one fighter is expected to win over the other. The favorite fighter in a moneyline bet will have a (-) sign before the number and the underdog will have a (+) sign.

For example: Jon Fitch vs. B.J. Penn

Fitch is the -210 favorite
Penn is the +165 underdog

A moneyline bet is based on a wager of $100. You don’t have to bet $100, you can bet any amount, it’s just how the math is done. The -210 line on the favored Fitch means that you’ll have to wager $210 on Fitch to win $100. That $100 will be added to the initial $210 wager for a total payout of $310. A bet of $100 on Penn to upset Fitch will pay $165 in profit, plus the initial $100 wagered for a total payout of $265.

The other form of action on UFC fights are prop bets. Not all books offer UFC props but for those that do they usually come in the form of an over/under bet on total minutes or total rounds. If you think a fight will end with a knockout, stoppage, or submission you can wager on the fight ending before the final round. In UFC prop bets a moneyline will be offered on the over and under options; the book will choose a round or time and a moneyline will be offered on each option.